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Unfinished Contests....
I do this a lot start something then never finish it... maybe this will help kick me in the butt.
The Game Art Challenge #30 
Gender Bender: Soul Reaver's Raziel 
Photoshop CS2
The Game Art Challenge #31a 
Grammar-Gun Mk5000 Concept. 
Photoshop CS 2
The Game Art Challenge #31a 
Grammar-Gun Mk5000 
3DS Max 10 
3 days to unwrap and texture... I might actually finish this one... MIGHT.
Meshing out the Goblin body base 
3DS Max 9
Gutter Ratz Concept 
Dom War 4 
Pencil, Scan, Photoshop CS2
Healers vs Dealers. 
Time to add another failure to my personal wall of shame. Yep I hit the Christmas Holiday and hit the wall for time to work. So...
Andy - I am Iron m... Nope. I'm not, but I want to be. He's my hero.
Andy Asteroid - Head in 3d
Andy Asteroid  - an agent from the Paranormal Psychic Security Guard Service (PPSGS). The PPSGS serves to secure all your home and business needs,...
Lost in Space 
I was really close to finishing this one. Just not close enough.
Norlin The Wizzard 
Just some details.
Norlin the Wizzard for the Stylized Challenge Tribute. 
Much like Rincewind, Norlin can't spell either.

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