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Lara Croft.
This will be the album for my Lara Croft Project:

Lara 11
A test pose for Lara with new proportions. Longer Legs. Longer arms. Longer feet. Just longer generally. Also added clothing as block out. Getting...
Got the backside looking quite nice, and I'm pleased with the effect of a slight covering of fat on the hips to stretch over the shorts...
Ok, getting there. Clothes now...
Sorted the legs, but now I've gone and stretched the torso too far. Funny what can look right to you when you're in the thick of it.
Still off. Thighs too front heavy.
LaraCroft 03
LaraCroft 02
The first post I made... This is the first block-out of her overall physiognomy. The arms and hands a very placeholder right now. I haven't actually...

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