View Full Version : Max script and POV ray

27-11-2003, 08:38 AM
i would like to ask if it is possible for maxscript to create your own tool bar for a specific kind of modeling tech that you are using? for example if i create a box set its parameters and convert it to poly's is it possble after the poly's are applied my customized menu for poly's pop up. can maxscript do this or they prohibit it from the users to customize this kind of thinie?

Regarding POV ray, i downloaded it and installed it but i dont fully understand what it is. It's like C++ for me and much like calling a specific lib to load what you are calling. i've seen MEGAPOV (I think it right correct me if it isn't) that adds a UI to see what your doing in POV. Can anyone clear my mind what is POV ray (not the fact that it is a shading language like PRman or Mray) maybe a short generalisation of what POV ray is and what is it's limitations regarding UI's and stuff that could help visualisation of what you are doing with it. Thanks!