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26-12-2003, 10:27 PM
hey guys i have a question for some expirianst 3D modellers who would like to help in the devolpment of a mod called Operation Archangel (http://www.op-archangel.com)

we are looking for some models who want to make Weapon and vehicle's and other objects like buildings and other small things.

Unwraping skills are not a must but would be handy.

we are also looking for new Skinners who can help to skin the models.

if your intrested Please mail me ad

if you want to know some more about our mod just read the following text:

Operation Archangel is a moddern day warfare mod. the goal of our mod is so to make the player feel like he is in a real combat zone we dont have story so we can make what ever we and you like to make the mod better the plan is to get around 60weapons and expensions in the mod so if you buy a M4 you can buy parts to upgrade your weapons. if you woried about the fact that you need to get money for weapons, dont worry about we will have a special rewarding and punishing system that will reward you for almost evry thing you do like staying a live and helping some one to kill a enemy will also be rewarded and many more ways to reward you for what you do. we will also have a new way of spawning this way you dont have to wait but you will need to do other things like getting new weapons and ammo. we are also trying to make some new vehicle's and some new Helicopters.
NOTE: There are many more things to say but they will not be shared yet.

we are making this mod for the Far Cry engine this engine hase AWSOME modding abbileties we want to make this mod befor this game is released so we have the advantage of early release.

so i hope you guys are intrested. btw you are also free to pick weapons you like so you dont have to stick whit any story line or weapons list if you know a cool gun or cool vehicle your free to make it and we will try to get it in game.

Kindes Regards Jasper Vermaas
Operation Archangel Mod Leader and 3D modeller.