View Full Version : Need Direction Final due in 4 days

11-12-2004, 08:38 AM
Yeah, have to merge my character into an obstacle course scene and then have it run a cross.

My character is setup and rigged in a separate max file, rigged with Character Studio. When ever I try to import the character into the scene the character's relative scale is too big. Any attempt I try to make to size the rig or the character down, my mesh gets distorted. Can't scale the rest of the scene b/c when finished I have to import another students character and have them race across the course.

I have .phy files for my mesh, .bip for my rig and a .chr for the entire character. I was using the import character tool from the "character" menu. Then I would try to scale down the mesh objects or select the rig and size it down. Nothing that I can think of will work.

How can I get my character imported into the scene sized down, so I can knock ace this class. BTW. My rough animation is due the Tue 13.