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11-02-2005, 12:43 PM
hi guys , i need some help, can anyone tell me how to detect non triangulated mesh in any software ...... I mean lets say if i convert a mesh into tris and even after that some times a few face have some problem and dosent convert into tris..is there any way to detect them... i use max and lightwave software...

11-02-2005, 04:24 PM
if you're using max7 (and maybe max6, but NOT max5), then use the "polygon counter" in the utilities tab. Once it's open, just hit the "count triangles" and "count polygons" checkboxes, and make sure they produce the same number. if the "count triangles" number is higher, it means you got some non-triangulated geometry in there :p

now, the "count tris" and "count polys" checkboxes aren't in the max5 polygon counter. So if you want a face count, you can convert you're object to an editable mesh, select faces or polys sub-object, then select them all (ctrl A) and take a note of the number in the "selection" rollout.
then convert the mesh to an editable poly, select polygon sub-objects, select all the polys again, and you'll get the number of polygons in the "selection" rollout (this wll give the poly count INSTEAD of the tri-face count that edit-mesh gave).
If both numbers are the same, then you should have all tris....but if the number of faces in edit-mesh is more, then there's some square polys in there

one final thing you could do....
make sure your model is an editable poly then get a count of the amount of polys by selecting polygon sub-object and selecting them all. then add a "multi-rez" modifier to the model, and immediately hit "generate" in the "multi-rez parameters" rollout. this will give you a face count to cross-reference against the poly-count. again, if the face count is more than the poly count....you got squares :p

(PS: the multi-rez is good for generating lower detail versions of your mesh...just set the vert percent down a bit from 100%)

anyways, hope this helps :)

I dunno how to use lightwave so I can't help you there :p