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10-03-2005, 05:49 PM

Im creating an animation inside the body and I would like to have little tissue-like particles floating around. I've been using Maya's dynamics so far but can't seem to get the effect im after. What im looking for is a string-like object which is semi-transparent and undulates gently. Higher transparency out towards the edges. I've tried emitting from a curve and using the curve as a goal object but it's not quite the right look. Can anyone help?


10-03-2005, 08:26 PM
Now there are some parts I didn't get.. like sort of loose ends...

Now you say you want 'tissue-like' particles?! Are you trying to say you want the paticles to have stringy sprites or instances?

Is it the flowing around that you want to animate? Or the transparency? Or the individual activity of each 'individual'?

Or all of them?

Your answer as far as I can get it does lay in emit along curve and setting goal weights... But you shall need the aid of per particle expressions.
I would apreciate it if you could sort of be more specific on what it is you are odoing, cause I am not too sure I am following. What sort f tissue are you doing? And why?

All this said.. I hope you are aware that you are asking a something that is literally what some TD's get payed alot for? Which should help you grasp that a convincing result is not going to be that easy unless you have good knowledge of what you are doing.

10-03-2005, 09:13 PM
Sorry, I'll try and be clearer.

My scene has a camera which is sitting outside of a blood vessel and is surrounded by soft tissue. I wanted to give a bit more of a sense of space around the blood vessel by putting in some floating 'bits', it's too clean and 'nice' otherwise and looks more like the camera is sitting in fresh air. I have environment fog in the scene to make it look more cloudy but it's not enough.

I thought a clump of particles would give the nicest result but maybe i am wrong and creating a peice of geometry would be better.

The only aspect i wish to animate is the movement, transparency would be set.

12-03-2005, 10:41 PM
It's ok.. it is only just to keep in mind that your project is not an easy one to explain.

Now as you said it.. the fastest thing that crosses my mind would be to also use volumetric lighting.. but since you have already done that and not liked it.. I gues we can try going for particles.

Now as I get it, you are goung to some what have a stable cam that the whole thing is going to occure infront of, right? So it is not going to go out of the body and you are not going to be seeing the whole process through transparency.

Have you ever tried surface ammiting? And letting the particles take their colour from the textures? If you give them a distance of a very short distance (Depending on your projects units) and a short life span you could get a VERY weary effect in a turbelance field.

I could try and help you make a few samples to see if it would fit in.

14-03-2005, 02:13 PM
You're correct, this isn't coming out of the body and you wont be seeing the whole thing through transparency. Sorry, I should have clarified that before.

I never thought of surface emitting thanks for that! I have done a bit of that before so i'll have a go and see how it looks. Which option would you recommend for particle type? This is something I haven't explored fully yet. I know different particle types need to be rendered in different ways etc but not sure which type would particularly suit the look Im going for. Probably just a case of try it and see?

16-03-2005, 06:02 AM
Which options? Hmmmm..;

Your project sure seems alot of fun to help out on, And I would love to point things out for you... but the thing is that I need a heap of data to compare to what I already have.
Like whats your colour scheme? What are you going to render with? Would you like the results to be software rendered? Or are you planning on compositing the result anyways? Would you like blobby masses? Or streaks? Or little specs? There is also an option to have sprites rendered out with their own transparency values assighned. These ALL would change the settings I would advise you to go for.

There are MANY things that could help aid your project actually.
Like one thing that comes to mind is what I had advised in the earlier post: The min and the max distance attributes.
I don't.. know.. for example, you could have the max distance set to something like one unit or even les.. and then what you will get would be a series of emmissions that would fog up your surface.. OR you could like set the max distance to something around 10 units.. and then have your min settings to something like 6 or so units.. now what this will do is to make your particles emit with an offset of 6 units from your surface. The cool bit about this is when you would like a mass of fog without having to hide the surfce the particles are being emitted from. Since your case is sort of like an enclosed tunnel (Must I remind you that your surface normals have to face inwards) you would get a mass of particles in the middle of the tunnel.

Another thing you may want to go for would be to cycle your emmissions.

Gosh there are ALOT of options. And I really can't give you a pointer unless I have a good grasp of what you would fancy most.

One more thing I have to ask is if you have any experience in creating run-time/creation expressions per Particle or not...

26-03-2005, 08:40 PM
oooooooook i'm getting an idea of the number of options available lol. I will post a render of the scene so you can get an idea of what it looks like rather than me trying to explain everything in detail!

As i said im just starting out in dynamics but it is something that really really interests me so I appreciate your help.

I have worked with creation/run-time per particle expressions so thats no problem - thats not to say im a programmer by any means but i can grasp the concepts pretty well (and my other half is a computer programmer so thats pretty handy to say the least:-))

So i'll post the render and u can take a look at it and see what u think might work well?


26-03-2005, 09:05 PM
Ok so here's an in-progress still from the shot. Should hopefully give you a better idea of colour scheme etc. There is environment fog in the render. Lighting isn't final but gives a rough idea of the look im going for. It's not a dark tunnel heading towards light or anything as dramatic as that.