View Full Version : Max 7 - Robot HD IK solver help!

13-04-2005, 06:34 PM
Hi Peeps,

Im working on an assembly animation of a product. I have modelled the robot outside of max, and imported the parts, but thats only so you dont think the mesh's are poor! I have optomized them a lot to get better viewport refresh.

The parts are all correctly pivoted, and I have had a go at rigging it using the HD ik solver. It works well enought, but I am now trying to get the "hand" to pick up a tool, and move around looking at a spacific object. But as you can see the hand looks where ever it wants to. I really need a look at constraint on the hand to look at a dummy.

Im not sure if the method I have used is correct as this is the first tim ei have used ik!

attached is a movie, max 7 file and 3ds file.

Hope someone can help me out. Im having to look at compromizing the animation to get the correct movments.