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10-07-2005, 02:44 PM
hi. again i am fairly new to all of this although i just enrolled in an animation ba program for college.hopefully this prevokes more than one response as my last piece of work did.i know its bad i just like to share them for comments.so please any words of wisdom will help.thanks.oh ya maya 6.i post it here as this is all i know how to do so far.so it is coplete.or at least as complete as i can get it.

10-07-2005, 03:55 PM
Hey there richy. Nice green ... monster ship with dual-cannons you've got there. I'd like to point out you have some smoothing ( or even vertex collision ) problems above the front cockpit window. The overall aspect of your vehicle suggests organic, maybe this is because of the meshsmooth you've used ( or its equivalent in Maya, I really don't know anything about Maya :o )
Technical problems with the design would be three that I've noticed and like to point out.
1. The legs are bent really weird each in three places. How many joints does it have and how does it walk around, then?
2. The cannons can't rotate, at least not that I can see. So that means that to take aim the entire vehicle/ship/monster has to rotate, which is not efficient in battle.
3. It has wings but it's not capable of flight because it is not an aerodynamic object ( check the shape of airplanes and compare ) and the wings are too small.
Also, you've said you think it's complete. I'd say you should give texturing it a go. Just try and you'll definetely learn about texturing some more. Of course it will also look better. And last but most certainly not least, always do some scene work when showing off your latest model. Even if it means putting them on a green floor and having a few lights around to cast some nice shadows ( or maybe global illumination ) but don't leave an object in a black enviroment.
Keep working, richy and we'll be seeing some wonderful stuff from you, I'll bet. :)

11-07-2005, 04:00 AM
thanks for the reply.i will try some backrounds to improve the image.i never thought of that thats why i post these.texturing.....i will try to improve on the plain green.the legs i didint really think through.thanks for pointing that out.i will work more with those.but thank you very much for all the help again thats why i post them here.to improve.any more crits would help.