View Full Version : System Exception during GC()

25-08-2005, 03:00 AM
Ok, first the important details:

Software: 3dsMax 6 SP1
Scripting engine: (if you can tell me where to look for this version number, that would be great, but the best i can figure, it's also "6.0")

I have spent significant amounts of time on this project (on my spare time) and I am but one step away from rendering LGL images in 3d using 3DSMax. The entire approach was to reduce the memory requirements on the system so my poor computer could even do this. In that respect I have made a set of custom lgl converters that divide the 3d map into boxes that can be rendered as separate images and laid over each other to form the entire picture. These converters are not written in maxscript, but they work, so i won't bother you with thier details.

The problem occurs when i try to import the converted lgl files into 3dsmax.
The code is designed to take the camera as a source and render the boxes in order, starting with the furthest ones. I know the logic works because i had it render the actual containing boxes in order on screen to check the order. When i have the script actually render the CONTENTS of those boxes, it dies.

Whenever maxscript calls garbage collection, or when i try to run clearundobuffer(), a system exception occurs and the script stops. not only that, but i have to restart maxscript because soon after that, the entire program crashes.

If you want me to post the script itself and example output, i will.

This has been driving me nuts because as far as i can tell, the logic is perfectly fine.

originally, the code was recursive in nature, but i changed it out for a single-loop script in an attempt to save memory. I also made all the variables global so i was only dealing with one scope, but neither approach worked.

I would however like to point out that i am not an expert in maxscripting.