View Full Version : 3D max 7 - Exporting Splines as AI file doesn´t work

Psycho Mantis
09-12-2005, 04:20 PM

i have a problem exporting spline sinto an ai file.
when i open the ai in illustrator (cs) die shape is huge - larger than the workspace. i ant scale it down, because illustrator prompts an error message, that the transofmation could not be done, because some objects wouldn´t be on th workspace after that. unfortunately -nothing is on the workspace at all - the file is so big i have to zoom down to 3% - and i just see a small part of my shape.

i scaled the file in max to 20x20 centimeters - but in ai its still huge.

whe i export the splines as a dwg or dxf - its rotatet and tapered - and the original proportions are lost. what can i do?