View Full Version : issues with uv sets

steve buscemi
26-07-2006, 03:45 AM
Hello, I'm new here. Big fan of the main site though.
I've got this problem in Maya 7.0.
Every time I render out a scene I'm working on, after the render is finished, I get a warning message:
"Error: No object matches name: pCylinderShape1.uvSet.uvSetName"

This makes no sense, b/c I never created a uv set called uvSetName.
I searched every uv-related menu I could find, along with every single node in the scene, and was unable to find any reason the program would even be searching for an object called pCylinderShape1.uvSet.uvSetName.

Before that I kept getting a warning about empty uv sets. I was able to fix that one with the relationship editor and some automatic mapping. I thought maybe the way I "fixed" it could have screwed something else up.

If anyone can help me here, please do.