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24-03-2003, 08:24 PM
Okay, I know i should read more stuff on subdiv, but I already know all the basics, and I know what to do in max, but it's very frustrating.

3DS, as most of us know, throws vertices at you any time you cut or slice, or anything. I know that in edit Poly mode, when you use slice, it doesnt add vertices, which is nice, but then you have to switch to edit mesh mode to get any poly editing done... it's screwy.

The deal is, i'm trying to model a torso (for some reason, i'm starting my first character with a torso, not a leg...). I start with a basic box, with several segments on each dimension, for the initial resolution, shape the basic body from that, then start cutting. I'm probably not doing it right, but that's what I gathered subdiv modelling is. Just cutting detail into a mesh, and adjusting vertices... Anyway, as i'm cutting the detail in, i get more and more irritated at Max's attempts to destroy my mind. whenever i try to cut, I have to zoom way in, thus eliminating the chances of completing more than one edge cut, and when I do complete that one edge cut, it's about half a screen away from where I wanted it.

My question to all you really good experienced artists out there that use 3ds is this: How do you manage to add detail in the form of edge loops, cuts, slices, and all the other subdiv tools, and manage to keep your sanity? I worked on one model for about 3 hours, never getting past one part of the torso, then realized the entire mesh was flawed from an earlier cut. I tell you i nearly wasted a perfectly good 21 inch monitor that day...

I've read all the tutorials on subdiv modelling I can find, and tried all the techniques that max supports, to no avail. Edge loops are a fantasy as far as i'm concerned.. *sniff*

I just need to know what plugins I have to get to FIX 3ds. when I click on "cut" click one part of an edge, then click another part, i just PLEASE would like an edge where i indicated... please???

gawd. i've rambled on forever, and not even told you what version i use. :P

3DS max 4.0

24-03-2003, 08:47 PM
wow man your post got me all emotional and stuff ;). but i hear ya, the cut tool is a piece of crap.

what you do is use edit poly and use a script by lazlo sebo called meshtools. you can find the latest version here.


i like to put the scripts new fuctions into my quad but some people like to have it in a tray up top. basically with meshtools you select the edges you wanna cut through and it automatically cuts through the center for you in a continuous edge loop (which imo are overrated, but that's another discussion).

good luck man

25-03-2003, 05:25 AM
I'm not sure why you say "but then you have to switch to edit mesh mode to get any poly editing done... "

I do practically all my editing in edit poly mode, it has pretty much all the features of edit mesh, except a few (which don't really bother me). but it seems to have better/easier to use tools, much better selections etc...

25-03-2003, 01:53 PM
If you try to shift-drag an edge in edit poly mode, nothing happens. The only way to get an edge to clone in edit poly is to chamfer, the drag one of the new edges. I do modelling where I get a basic shape, cut in details, then drag off limbs, handles, etc. I dunno if anyone else models this way, but it kinda sorta works for me.

I haven't gotten mesh tools yet, because I am at school about 14 hourse a day on monday and tuesday ... but i'll get it at home as soon as I can, and give 'er a go.