View Full Version : gaming advise needed urgent

11-04-2007, 05:32 PM
hey everyone..

my older broher just recently got a job with electronic arts .. and he emailed me the following quoted

"is there a game rendering engine based on physics, so that i can build a model, and then instead of texturing can place items on it to obey physics rules.

i.e. a person model, who if i give a jacket to and run a wind simulation the jacket will ruffle.

To take it further, is there something that would scorch if i simulate fire, or like flatten hair or give wet effect if i simulate rain, or a person running through sand, etc.

now he does not do any modelling.. he wouldnt know how to do a box in 3dmax..but hes a programmer.. he does scripting and all that .. so if anyone can help ..that would be great