View Full Version : Straddle Split Image needed

11-05-2007, 10:45 PM
Hello to everyone!

I need an image featuring an athlete 25-35 years of age doing a "Straddle Split"

"Straddle Split" is the kind of posture Jean-Claude Van Damme started to be famous for. Remember his split on the railway track?

Here are the visual elements of the image:
Caucasian Male, age of 35-45, short black hair, clean shaved
Lean, athletic body, martial artist type
Bare Feet
Wearing some sort of martial arts black Drawstring Pants, not too baggy
Gymnastics like White undershirt
The body posture is a 'Straddle Split" facing the viewer
The character had his head straight but looks slightly down
Hands in the front, same line as the head, slightly apart, open palms towards down

Here are some ideas (http://www.mcthongs.com/split/)

The image will have a transparent background and will have to be delivered in .PSD format


Thank you anticipated for your time and effort