View Full Version : Merging Polys in 3dstudio

15-04-2003, 10:51 PM
In 3dstudio max, I've got a plane broken up into many different pieces on the top plane. I need to merge all these polygons into one big polygon so I can extrude it with out the model getting messed up.

Where's this function, I can't find it. :(


Little Nicky
16-04-2003, 12:48 AM
One way to do it is to move the vertices in the center to the edge, and weld them to the existing edge vertices. There is probably a better way, but that's how I do it, and it works fine for me.

16-04-2003, 12:19 PM
don't know if it suits your problem, just create a new poly ON the old with the same edge vertices, then delete the old plane and weld the vertices.

16-04-2003, 08:40 PM
Thanks to both of you, I ended up Using Little Nicky's way and it made me clean up the mesh which also needed to be done!.