View Full Version : Clay Render Night: Female Jesus (Caution Nudity)

05-03-2009, 11:00 PM

An old and currently unfinished work in progress. The plan was eventually to add hair in the render using shave and a haircut in a shade of grey / white to fit in with the overalll render tone. But as I hate setting up hair wiht a passion normally reserved for warring nations I never got around to it.


What is 'Clay Render Night'?

Well I realised some of my older models were ..well lets just say not very pretty in the render dept. So I decided to try and round up and get sorted as many as I could from 7pm to 11pm tonight. All were rendered out at 1280 res (for the shrunk for the web) using mental ray and a photmetric light setup. I did them in a single sitting as mainly I wanted it over and done with.