View Full Version : script or plugin for mountains

26-07-2003, 06:13 PM
Hey every1!

I was wondering if 3ds max 5 has a script or a plugin of some sort that could generate mountains and different terrain for you........ Kinda like a terragen sort of thing......

PLZ help :D

03-09-2003, 04:07 AM
good that you asked... i suppose why kuman didnt answer..... well... to the point... i am also one of those who have been keen about some 1minute scripts which allow us to create detailed meshes in seconds...

for mountains and terrain..... i have two options..

-Digimation Mountain Plugin
friend.. this one only creates a sort of a noise on a plane which is then called something like a mountain... and worst of all it is not free... i have it... i think i will attatch it when get onto my own computer(i am on my cousin's right now)..

and for number 2
-Deep Valley Free 1.0.03
This one is my personal favourite..... you can create all sorts of terrain.. even the grand Canyon... and the last but not the least... it has a wonderful Material library for perfect textures...

to download this plugin... visit www.scriptspot.com and get it from the top 10 scripts section

or either try this link... i hope it works
deep valley (http://www.scriptspot.com/download.asp?ID=804) good luck my pal!