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just a box in a cage
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I got this model almost as I wanted it. It's supposed to be a flower type thingy loosely based on the Ivory Tower from "The Neverending Story". I only had time to do 2 petals... I really wanted to do three but needed the time for the particles. There are some other obvious details missing... Particles

I spent 65 for the model and 25 minutes for the particles. The emitters are the 7 planes pictured. After setting them up with direction and speed I parented the emitters to a triangle. One for each emitter. Then I used Blender's dupliverts to convert blender particles to meshes for Yafray to render.

I couldn't get the render to show the details I worked so hard on like the particle flow closest to camera, and the petals making a flower thingy. Every render took so long that I just gave up.

Btw. I love Danger Mouse and (the not quite as good) Count Duckula. We never had that kind of cartoon in the US when I was a kid. Rather, we never made them in the US.

The entries continue to impress! Good ideas and good models.
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