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ah, great thread.

i've just been thinking about what software to use... actually, i've been thinking about it for over a year now, problem is getting time to learn.

i've had a look at the Blender 3D forums, seems like there flourishing, lots of activity and help from the community. and of course, it's free.

one thing i've been wondering... is it the software or the skill of the artist that would determine the quality of the finished piece? i know kind of a hard question. how about this: would i be more of a kick ass 3D'er if i took a Maya course for 6 months or if i just got into Blender and taught myself?

obviously Maya is a massive app, so it would probably take some lessons to get just the basics. but with Blender being a smaller app, would i be able to pick it up faster?

well i guess i should just get into it and start learning, but if anyone can comment on that i'd really appreciate it.

as for Clay info: - seems like that's an 'official' info page for Clay, they just say not ready for final release. lol & dont' harass the beta testers.
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