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OK, my turn. Going back to the thought that GI is the lens flare of today, I agree to a point. People rely on it loo much to make an image. I feel it is more the pandoras box. Once it is opened, if you want to do realistic renders, you "almost" always nead to do it. It is one of those things like rust and weathering that was added in that finally took away that all to familiar look of CG. It is just a tool and can be faked in a still image. Once the cameras move and so do the lights the fake then becomes obvious. There is no need for it in an animation due to the main focus , today, should be on the story. Eye candy will only hold your attension so long. I like creative images but there is a limit to how much I can take. I look at it like modern ART. Done well with a good idea it is powerful. Otherwise it looks like a first grader's finger painting. I do remember a lot of photo realistic renders. I think most of us want to work with film. Get something that looks so real you believe it is. I think we all can remember early CG and think about how fake it looks. I would say also, sorry if you disagree, that GI and caustic are the go motion of today. They finally finish the puzzle to why it does not look right.
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