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Exclamation Posting Guidelines, File Types ( Read before posting! )

Take these guidelines into consideration and it will give you more views and more comments.

When posting your animated works, make sure to provide standard file types such as:

- .avi ( with specifications regarding codecs, such as Xvid, Divx, etc );
- .mov ( Quicktime );

If you want to compress your animations, please use compression such as:

- .zip ( WinZip );
- self-executables;

Alternatively, you can provide a link to your animation on Youtube, Vimeo ( or the video site of your choice ), for people to quickly stream them. ( lots of people will decline downloading large files, but they would stream them );

Providing one-two screenshots with the link to your animation is a definite plus.

Do not make threads to ask something regarding Animation, Rigging, etc. There is an entire section dedicated to this, here.

Good luck!

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