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Originally Posted by keescopyright View Post
3dtotal struggling or not, you are doing it wrong. I will be the ONLY one (so far) taking a stand for free information. This whole internet thing is being killed by sad people protecting there tiny little investment; like some dvd sales. You don't seem to realize what incredible damage you are doing to this magnificent invention, because all you care about is the money. There are ways of income; commercials and information trade are easier than ever before. Adobe is gathering a monopoly and you are adapting its evil tactics. I am not with this last hopeless and sad effort you are putting out there. I can not believe the hypocracy in all of you: as if you haven't downloaded mp3s, movies, software, libraries and fonts, as if you were the ones casting the first stone... If you could download money you would. I will call all of you liars.

The point is this: these pirates you speak of are the people making the internet. no one is innocent. Best you found a way to profit from this immense database of a particular target-group you have built. Even Microsoft does not target individuals pirating their OS because they know that individuals need to create affinity with your software so that THAT will be the software they use in their companies. and the same thing goes for stock-textures.

Make sure you profit by putting your OWN torrents out there; for instance with a plea in there, a file that, when opened visits all of your benefactors websites so that they can pay you for the hits.

and rocneasta: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" -I live in Holland anywhere in Holland will be fine for a glorified sparring match... i will beat some sense into you and after that ill beat you at a chess game. you simple being.

I wonder if I will be removed here...
A good post for the most part with a lot of interesting points (apart from the fighting bit at the end) and if you could just tone it down a bit about generally trying to call others loosers then you have the start of a good debate.

We do rely on the internet and all visitors to the site to help boost revenues with regards to banner ads, and I agree that people who pirate software are a percentage of these visitors, but if you took these out of the equation and also took the piracy of our products out of the equasion then we would be a lot more successful. We also put 90-95% of all of our profits back into the business whether it be free tutorials or commercial training, so in the end the majority of users would be a lot better off. Take the free reference/texture library we now host, we have spent over $5000 on this so far and we have big plans for it, and guess where the majority of that $5000 came from, yep all the people who purchased our emags and ebooks.

Your right, the internet is an incredible invention and the free information is amazing, that is why around 80% of our content is available for free even video tutorials and over 3,000 pages over free 'written' tutorials, when people pirate the remaining 20% which is the commercial side that pays for the other free 80% it doesn't really seem right does it? and Even though you make some good points I don't think they really stand up in the 3DTotal business model I have explained above.

Happy to carry on this discussion with you or anyone, it's rare we ban people here just generally try to calm things down a bit, thanks everyone else for your comments of support too, please avoid any abuse to stop this thread flaming up and it should turn out to be a good one.


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