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Sorry Diabolos... but it is a language misunderstanding.

Do not link to external images files. This means, do not make an entry and upload it to a server and then link it here in the challenges with "[img]" tags. That's what is meant by not linking to external images. This was a rule set by Andy a long time ago so we won't have a bunch of posts that are missing images when people change servers, or their images are deleted by a temporary service. So don't worry... I am making no major changes to the guidelines at all.

Now, let's say you make a model... make a clay render and submit it to the challenge. Then you decide to make a fancy render of that same model. There is nothing wrong with putting that model in the Final Completed 3D Artwork or the WIP sections or even uploading it to your own webspace and then linking to it in your entry. As long as you are not posting it in the challenge itself... everything is ok.

I hope this clears things up a bit.

Edit: I just noticed that in rule 5 it also says: Larger than the maximum size or posts containing links to external images (other than for reference materials) will be removed and the poster disqualified.

But... I will revamp that. I'm not sure when that came into effect... although it may have been there from the start... Either way... that part I will fix.

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