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I have to agree with Zytrex, in that 3 yrs. computer will be well over 3ghz. I am predicting like at LEAST a 7ghz computer will be like MEDIUM end at that time. But the thing is technology isnt really advancing any, yeah we have made computers faster etc, but we havnt made any "leaps" I guess I am thinking along the lines of the 386. Like then came 16bit graphic and then 32bit and AGP cards that was a LEAP and revolutionized computers, all we have done since is upgrade and fine tune THOSE advancments, I personally believe that it will take like another 10 yrs until we see another MAJOR leap in technology, maybe with the research being done with Mircro-bio-technology, and making computer and robots etc actually figure things out themselves and be semi-organic "beings" yeah sounds far-fetched but i belive that until like that kind of stuff happens technology itself really isnt doing much in the ways of advancment per say.

well thats just my view on tech advancment and has nothing to do with GI, but heh, in 3 yrs your really think GI will be used all the time? GI by then will be like STANDARD max lights now, and maybe something like RL (Reality Lighting (made it up myself ) ) will be the GI of its day.

cheers all.
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