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Originally Posted by Marty_McFly-3DT
Yes, you are correct. Anyone with renders of a wireframe, or a wireframe that is difficult to see will be DQ'd. (You're English is pretty good also.)

well, Marty, please don't think I'm simple minded... I was asking so stupidly because I see still many wire renderers in the challenge (and it was my demonic plan how to ged out of the game R3D, ClassicGamer and other modelers with much better models than I have! Allright I know i should not get it so serious ) Now I see, that my plan, how to insure before ClassicGamer's win, failed again! time to face it...I'm giving up myself. There is nothing how can I stop you now, Congrats ClassicGamer

(please don't get serious nothing what I said, I'm MAD! )

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