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September 2007-Adman-Dramatic Sunset

Adam Woodward (Adman)
Dramatic Sunset-Ice-Ruins

Here's my image for the contest. In my eyes the Pyramids are one of the most amazing sights in our world! Making a dramatic sunset image with these in go hand in hand. This is "what's to come!" in the not to distant future with global warming and crazy weather conditions! this would be an amazing sight...very dramatic!

The image took about 15hrs all in all using just Photoshop CS2. I only had a mouse to use, no stylus pen! so the end result is not quite what I wanted, very difficult to paint with a mouse! (really must get a pen soon!!) first matt painting too, so for that reason quite happy with the results. I used about 8 different photos then added other details and colour correction with PS.

Hires Image.

Just want to say good luck to everybody in the competition. hope you all do well.

PS. My hires is at 1600 in width, hope this is an ok size?....if not could someone please tell me. many thanks.
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