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September 2007 - Dramatic Sunset Entry

Ryan Quackenbush

Wanted to keep it simpler but effective. An alien landscape with the neighboring planet and former civilization in ruins. A very rocky, Mars-like atmosphere.
Not sure how long it took me. About a couple of weeks I guess. About 2-3 hours each day I worked on it, mostly because I hand painted all the backlit highlights. Used Terragen and Photoshop. Proabably the fewest references I've used for a matte. I taught myself Terragen for this project to see if it would give me anything good and it was alright, definitely had to paint over it. It really helped though trying to figure out the amount of light to pour over each mountain and all that.
Thanks for all the nice comments in the WIP and a big thanks for the contest!

EDIt: since we had extra time, just wanted to show it without the smoke since it would be a moving element anyway and not painted.

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