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aah silly me .

well idnt see many ppl sharing ideas.
uum so accrding to my crazy logic ill post more over the top ideas , wch i hope will brng in more ppl to decide on the creature.

heres a list of creatures:

Á Bao A Qu (Malay) - Entity that lives in the Tower of Victory in Chitor
Aatxe (Basque) - Evil spirit that takes the form of a bull
Abassy (Yakuts) - Demons that have teeth of iron
Abada (African) - Small type of unicorn reported to live in the lands of the African Congo
Äbädä (Tatar) - Forest spirit
Abaia (Melanesian) - Huge magical eel
Abarimon (Medieval Bestiaries) - Savage humanoid with backward feet
Abath (Malay) - One-horned animal
Abatwa (Zulu) - Little people that ride ants
Abura-bō (Japanese) - Spectral fire from Shiga Prefecture, in which the shape of a monk can often be seen
Abura-sumashi (Japanese) - creature from a mountain pass in Kumamoto Prefecture
Acephali (Greek) - Headless humanoids
Acheri (Indian) - Disease-bringing ghost
Achiyalabopa (Puebloan) - Rainbow-feathered birds
Achlis (Roman) - Curious elk
Adar Llwch Gwin (Welsh) - Giant birds that understand human languages
Adaro (Solomon Islands) - Malevolent merfolk
Adhene (Manx) - Nature spirit
Adlet (Inuit) - Vampiric dog-human hybrid
Adroanzi (Lugbara) - Nature spirit
Adze (Ewe people) - African vampiric forest being
Aerico (Macedonian) - Disease demon
Afanc (Welsh) - Lake monster (exact lake varies by story)
Agathodaemon (Greek) - Spirit of vinefields and grainfields
Agloolik (Inuit) - Ice spirit that aids hunters and fishermen
Agogwe (East Africa) - Small, ape-like humanoid
Ahkiyyini (Inuit) - Animated skeleton that causes shipwrecks
Ahuizotl (Aztec) - Anthropophagous dog-monkey hybrid
Aigamuxa (Khoikhoi) - Anthropophagous humanoid with eyes in its instep
Aigikampoi (Etruscan) - Fish-tailed goat
Aigamuxa (Khoikhoi) - Man-eating Ogres
Aitu (Polynesian) - Malevolent spirits or demons
Aitvaras (Lithuanian) - Household spirit
Ajatar (Finnish) - Dragon
Akabeko (Japanese) - Red cow involved in the construction of Enzō-ji in Yanaizu, Fukushima
Akamataa (Japanese) - Snake spirit from Okinawa
Akateko (Japanese) - Tree-dwelling monster
Akhlut (Inuit) - Orca-wolf shapeshifter
Akka (Finnish) - Female spirits or minor goddesses
Akki (Japanese) - Large, grotesque humanoid
Akkorokamui (Ainu) - Sea monster
Akuma (Japanese) - Evil spirit
Akupara (Hindu) - Giant turtle that supports the world
Akurojin-no-hi (Japanese) - Ghostly flame which causes disease
Al (Armenian and Persian) - Spirit that steals unborn babies and livers from pregnant women
Ala (Slavic) - Bad weather demon
Alal (Chaldean) - Demon
Alan (Philippine) - Winged humanoid that steals reproductive waste to make children
Al Basti (Turkish) - Female night-demon
Alce (Heraldic) - Wingless griffin
Alicanto (Chilean) - Bird that eats gold and silver
Alicorn - Technically a unicorn's horn. In modern times is commonly misapplied to winged unicorns
Alkonost (Slavic) - Angelic bird with human head and breasts
Allocamelus (Heraldic) - Ass-camel hybrid
Allu (Akkadian and Sumerian) - Faceless demon
Almas (Mongolian) - Savage humanoid
Al-mi'raj (Islamic) - One-horned rabbit
Aloja (Catalan) - Female water spirit
Alom-bag-winno-sis (Abenaki) - Little people and tricksters
Alp (German) - Male night-demon
Alphyn (Heraldic) - Lion-like creature, sometimes with dragon or goat forelegs
Alp-luachra (Irish) - Parasitic fairy
Al Rakim (Islamic) - Guard dog of the Seven Sleepers
Alseid (Greek) - Grove nymph
Alû (Assyrian) - Leprous demon
Alux (Mayan) - Little people
Amaburakosagi (Japanese) - Ritual disciplinary demon from Shikoku
Amala (Tsimshian) - Giant who holds up the world
Amamehagi (Japanese) - Ritual disciplinary demon from Hokuriku
Amanojaku (Japanese) - Small demon
Amarok (Inuit) - Giant wolf
Amarum (Quechua) - Water boa spirit
Amazake-babaa (Japanese) - Disease-causing hag
Amefurashi (Japanese) - Child-like monster
Amemasu (Ainu) - Lake monster
Amorōnagu (Japanese) - Tennyo from the island of Amami Ōshima
Amphiptere (Heraldic) - Winged serpent
Amphisbaena (Greek) - Serpent with a head at each end
Anakim (Jewish) - Giant
Androsphinx (Ancient Egyptian) - Human-headed sphinx
Angel (Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and Zoroastrian) - Heavenly being, usually depicted as a winged humanoid.
Angha (Persian) - Dog-lion-peacock hybrid
Ani Hyuntikwalaski (Cherokee) - Lightning spirit
Ankou (French) - Skeletal grave watcher with a lantern and a scythe.
Anmo (Japanese) - Ritual disciplinary demon from Iwate Prefecture
Antaeus (Greek) - A giant who was extremely strong as long as he remained in contact with the ground
Antero Vipunen (Finnish) - Subterranean giant
Ao Ao (Guaraní) - Anthropophagous peccary or sheep
Aobōzu (Japanese) - Blue monk who kidnaps children
Apkallu (Sumerian) - Fish-human hybrid that attends the god Enki
Apsaras (Buddhist and Hindu) - Female cloud spirit
Aqrabuamelu (Akkadian) - Human-scorpion hybrid
Ardat-Lili (Akkadian) - Disease demon
Argus Panoptes (Greek) - Hundred-eyed giant
Arikura-no-baba (Japanese) - Old woman with magical powers
Arimaspi (Greek) - One-eyed humanoid
Arion (Greek) - Extremely swift horse with a green mane and the power of speech
Arkan Sonney (Manx) - Fairy hedgehog
Asag (Sumerian) - Hideous rock demon
Asakku (Sumerian) - Demon
Asanbosam (West Africa) - Iron-toothed vampire
Asena (Turkic) - Blue-maned wolf
A-senee-ki-wakw (Abenaki) - Stone-giant
Ashi-magari (Japanese) - Invisible tendril that impedes movement
Asiman (Dahomey) - Vampiric possession spirit
Askefrue (Germanic) - Female tree spirit
Ask-wee-da-eed (Abenaki) - Fire elemental and spectral fire
Asobibi (Japanese) - Spectral fire from Kōchi Prefecture
Aspidochelone (Medieval Bestiaries) - Island-sized whale or sea turtle
Asrai (English) - Water spirit
Astomi (Hindu) - Humanoid sustained by pleasant smells instead of food
Aswang (Philippine) - Carrion-eating humanoid
Atomy (English) - Surprisingly small creature
Ato-oi-kozō (Japanese) - Invisible spirit that follows people
Atshen (Inuit) - Anthropophagous spirit
Auloniad (Greek) - Pasture nymph
Avalerion (Medieval Bestiary) - King of the birds
Awa-hon-do (Abenaki) - Insect spirit
Axex (Ancient Egyptian) - Falcon-lion hybrid
Ayakashi (Japanese) - Sea-serpent that travels over boats in an arc while dripping oil
Ayakashi-no-ayashibi (Japanese) - Spectral fire from Ishikawa Prefecture
Aziza (Dahomey) - Little people that help hunters
Azukiarai (Japanese) - Spirit that washes azuki beans along riversides
Azukibabaa (Japanese) - Bean-grinding hag who devours people
Azukitogi (Japanese) - Spirit that washes azuki beans along riverside


Baba Yaga (Slavic) - Forest spirit and hag
Backoo (Guyanese) - Malevolent little people
Bagiennik (Slavic) - Malevolent water spirit
Bahamut (Arabian) - Giant fish
Bashe (Chinese) - Elephant-swallowing serpent
Bai Ze (Chinese) - Talking beast which handed down knowledge on harmful spirits
Ba Jiao Gui (Chinese) - Banana tree spirit
Bake-kujira (Japanese) - Ghost whale
Bakeneko (Japanese) - Magical cat
Bakezōri (Japanese) - Animated straw sandal
Bakhtak (Iranian) - Night demon
Baku (Japanese) - Dream-devouring, tapir-like creature
Bakunawa (Philippine) - Sea serpent that causes eclipses
Balaur (Romanian) - Multi-headed dragon
Bannik (Slavic) - Bathhouse spirit
Banshee (Irish) - Death spirit
Barbegazi (Swiss) - Dwarf with giant, snowshoe-like feet
Bardi (Trabzon) - Shapechanging death spirit
Barghest - Yorkshire black dog
Bar Juchne (Jewish) - Gigantic bird
Barnacle Geese (Medieval folklore) - Geese which hatch from barnacles
Barong (Balinese) - Tutelary spirit
Basajaun (Basque) - Ancestral, megalith-building race
BasCelik (Serbian) - A powerful and very evil winged man whose soul is not held by his body and can be subdued only by causing him to suffer dehydration
Basilisco Chilote (Chilota) - Chicken-serpent hybrid
Basilisk (Medieval Bestiaries) - Multi-limbed, venomous lizard
Batibat (Philippine) - Female night-demon
Batsu (Chinese) - Drought spirit
Baubas (Lithuanian) - Malevolent spirit
Baykok (Ojibwa) - Flying skeleton
Bean Nighe (Irish) - Death spirit (a specific type of Banshee/Bean Sídhe)
Behemoth (Jewish) - Primal, gigantic land animal
Bendigeidfran (Welsh) - Giant king
Bennu (Egyptian) - Heron-like, regenerative bird, equivalent to (or inspiration of) the Phoenix
Berehynia (Slavic) - Water spirit
Bergrisar (Norse) - Mountain giant
Bergsrå (Norse) - Mountain spirit
Bestial beast (Brazilian) - Centauroid specter
Betobeto-san (Japanese) - Invisible spirit which follows people at night, making the sound of footsteps
Bhūta (Buddhist and Hindu) - Ghost of someone killed by execution or suicide
Bi-blouk (Khoikhoi) - Female, anthropophagous, partially invisible monster
Bies (Slavic) - Demon
Bigfoot (American folklore) - Forest-dwelling apeman.
Binbōgami (Japanese) - Spirit of poverty
Bishop-fish (Medieval Bestiaries) - Fish-like humanoid
Black Annis (English) - Blue-faced hag
Black Dog (British) - Canine death spirit
Black Shuck - Norfolk, Essex, and Suffolk black dog
Blemmyae (Medieval Bestiary) - Headless humanoid with face in torso
****** Bones (Irish) - Water bogeyman
Bodach (Scottish) - Malevolent spirit
Bogeyman (English) - Malevolent spirit
Boggart (English) - Malevolent household spirit
Boginki (Polish) - Nature spirit
Bogle (Scottish) - Malevolent spirit
Boi-tatá (Brazilian) - Giant snake
Bolla (Albanian) - Dragon
Bonnacon (Medieval Bestiaries) - Bull-horse hybrid with flaming dung
Boobrie (Scottish) - Roaring water bird
Bozaloshtsh (Slavic) - Death spirit
Brag (English) - Malevolent water horse
Brownie (English and Scottish) - Benevolent household spirit
Broxa (Jewish) - Nocturnal bird that drains goats of their milk
Bokkenrijders (Dutch) - Damned bandits
Bugbear (English) - Bearlike goblin
Buggane (Manx) - Ogre-like humanoid
Bugul Noz (Celtic) - Extremely ugly, but kind, forest spirit
Bukavac (Serbia) - Six-legged lake monster
Bukit Timah Monkey Man (Singapore) - Forest dwelling immortal primate
Bunyip (Australian Aboriginal) - Horse-walrus hybrid lake monster
Buraq (Islamic) - Human-headed, angelic horse
Bush Dai Dai (Guyanese) - Spirit that seduces and kills men
Byangoma (Hindu) - Fortune-telling birds
Bysen (Scandinavian) - Diminutive forest spirit


Cabeiri (Greek) - Smith and wine spirits
Cacus (Roman) - Fire-breathing giant
Cadejo (Central America) - Cow-sized dog-goat hybrid in two varieties: benevolent and white, and malevolent and black
Caipora (Tupi) - Fox-human hybrid and nature spirit
Caladrius (Medieval Bestiary) - White bird that can foretell if a sick person will recover or die
Calingi (Medieval Bestiary) - Humanoids with an eight-year lifespan
Callitrix (Medieval Bestiary) - Apes who always bear twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates
Calydonian Boar (Greek) - Giant, chthonic boar
Calygreyhound (Heraldic) - Wildcat-deer/antelope-eagle-ox-lion hybrid
Camahueto (Chilota) - One-horned calf
Cambion (Medieval folklore) - Hybrid between a human and an incubus or succubus
Campe (Greek) - Dragon-human-scorpion hybrid
Candileja (Colombian) - Spectral, fiery hag
Canaima (Guyanese) - Were-jaguar
Canotila (Lakota) - Little people and tree spirits
Caoineag (Scottish) - Death spirit (a specific type of Banshee/Bean Sídhe)
Capa (Lakota) - Beaver spirit
Căpcăun (Romanian) - Large, monstrous humanoid
Carbuncle (Latin America) - A small creature with a jewel on its head
Catoblepas (Medieval Bestiary) - Scaled buffalo-hog hybrid
Cat Sidhe (Scottish) - Fairy cat
Cecaelia - Modern term for mermaid-like, human-octopus hybrid
Ceffyl Dŵr (Welsh) - Malevolent water horse
Centaur (Greek) - Human-horse hybrid
Cerastes (Greek) - Extremely flexible, horned snake
Cerberus (Greek) - Three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the underworld
Cercopes (Greek) - Mischievous forest spirit
Cericopithicus (Medieval Bestiary) - Apes who always bear twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates
Ceryneian Hind (Greek) - Hind with golden antlers and bronze or brass hooves
Cetan (Lakota) - Hawk spirit
Chakora (Hindu) - Lunar bird
Chamrosh (Persian) - Dog-bird hybrid
Chaneque (Aztec) - Little people and nature spirits
Changeling (European) - Non-human humanoid child (fairy, elf, troll, etc.) substituted for a kidnapped human child
Charybdis (Greek) - Sea monster in the form of a giant mouth
Chepi (Narragansett) - Ancestral spirit that instructs tribe members
Cherufe (Mapuche) - Volcano-dwelling monster
Chibaiskweda (Abenaki) - Ghost of an improperly buried person
Chichevache (Medieval folklore) - Human-faced cow that feeds on good women
Chickcharney (Bahaman) - Bird-mammal hybrid
Chimaera (Greek) - Lion-goat-snake hybrid
Chindi (Navajo) - Vengeful ghosts that cause dust devils
Chinthe (Burmese) - Temple-guarding feline, similar to Chinese Shi and Japanese Shisa
Chitauli (Zulu) - Human-lizard hybrid
Chōchinobake (Japanese) - Animated paper lantern
Chollima (Korean) - Supernaturally fast horse
Chonchon (Mapuche) - Disembodied, flying head
Choorile (Guyanese) - Ghost of a woman that died in childbirth
Chromandi (Medieval Bestiary) - Hairy savages with dog teeth
Chrysaor (Greek) - Son of the gorgon Medusa, imaged as a giant or a winged boar
Chukwa (Hindu) - Giant turtle that supports the world
Churel (Hindu) - Vampiric, female ghost
Ciguapa (Dominican Republic) - Malevolent seductress
Cihuateteo (Aztec) - Ghosts of women that died in childbirth
Cikavac (Serbian) - Bird that serves its owner
Cinnamon bird (Medieval Bestiaries) - Giant bird that makes its nest out of cinnamon
Cipactli (Aztec) - Sea monster, crocodile-fish hybrid
Cirein cròin (Scottish) - Sea serpent
Cluricaun (Irish) - Leprechaun-like Little people that are permanently drunk
Coblynau (Welsh) - Little people and mine spirits
Cockatrice (Medieval Bestiaries) - Chicken-lizard hybrid
Cofgod (English) - Old English term meaning "cove-god"
Colo Colo (Mapuche) - Rat-bird hybrid that can shapeshift into a serpent
Corycian nymphs (Greek) - Nymph of the Corycian Cave
Cretan Bull (Greek) - Monstrous bull
Crinaeae (Greek) - Fountain nymph
Criosphinx (Ancient Egypt) - Ram-headed sphinx
Crocotta (Medieval Bestiaries) - Monstrous dog-wolf
Cuco (Latin America) - Bogeyman
Cucuy (Latin America) - Malevolent spirit
Cuegle (Cantabrian) - Monstrous, three-armed humanoid
Cuélebre (Asturian and Cantabrian) - Dragon
Curupira (Tupi) - Nature spirit
Cu Sith (Scottish) - Gigantic fairy dog
Cŵn Annwn (Welsh) - Underworld hunting dogs
Cyclops (Greek) - One-eyed giants
Cyhyraeth (Welsh) - Death spirit
Cynocephalus (Medieval Bestiaries) - Dog-headed humanoid


Dactyl (Greek) - Little people and smith and healing spirits
Daemon (Greek) - Incorporeal spirit
Daidarabotchi (Japanese) - Giant responsible for creating many geographical features in Japan
Daitengu (Japanese) - The most powerful class of tengu, each of whom lives on a separate mountain
Daitya (Hindu) - Giant
Danava (Hindu) - Water demon
Daphnaie (Greek) - Laurel tree nymph
Datsue-ba (Japanese) - Old woman who steals clothes from the souls of the dead
Dead Sea Apes (Islamic) - Human tribe turned into apes for ignoring Moses' message
Deer Woman (Native American) - Human-deer hybrid
Deity (Global) - Preternatural or supernatural being
Demigod - Half human, half god.
Demon - Malevolent spirit
Dhampir (Balkans) - Hybrid between a human and a vampire
Diao Si Gui (Chinese) - Hanged ghost
Dilong (Chinese) - Chthonic dragon
Dip (Catalan) - Demonic and vampiric dog
Di Penates (Roman) - House spirit
Dipsa (Medieval Bestiaries) - Extremely poisonous snake
Dirawong (Australian Aboriginal) - Goanna spirit
Di sma undar jordi (Gotland) - Little people and nature spirits
Diwata (Philippine) - Tree spirit
Dobhar-chu (Irish) - Dog-fish hybrid
Do-gakw-ho-wad (Abenaki) - Little people
Dokkaebi (Korean) - Grotesque, horned humanoids
Dökkálfar (Norse) - Male ancestral spirits
Dola (Slavic) - Tutelary and fate spirit
Domovoi (Slavic) - House spirit
Doppelgänger (German) - Ghostly double
Drac (Catalan) - Lion or bull-faced dragon
Drac (French) - Winged sea serpent
Dragon (Many cultures worldwide)
Dragon turtle (Chinese) - Giant turtle with dragon-like head
Draugr (Norse) - Undead
Drekavac (Slavic) - Restless ghost of an unbaptised child
Drow (Scottish) - Cavern spirit
Drude (German) - Possessing demon
Druk (Bhutanese) - Dragon
Dryad (Greek) - Tree nymph
Duende (Spanish) - Little people and forest spirits
Duergar (English) - Malevolent little people
Dullahan (Irish) - Headless death spirit
Duwende (Philippine) - Little people, some are house spirits, others nature spirits
Dvergr (Norse) - Subterranean little people smiths
Dvorovoi (Slavic) - Courtyard spirit
Dwarf (Germanic) - Little people nature spirits
Dybbuk (Jewish) - A spirit (sometimes the soul of a wicked deceased) that possesses the living.
Dzee-dzee-bon-da (Abenaki) - Hideous monster
Dzunukwa (Kwakwaka'wakw) - Child-eating hag


rest later ,iam exhausted scrolling u know.

wonder wheres lyn maam gone? did i say smthng wrong? iam extremly sorry for that, i ddnt mean offence.

well as for normal ideas got few only.

1. alive fruts and vegetables.
2. geeks
3. firemen
4. postman
5. mechanics/grage wrker
6. inventors
7. elementals
8. candy corner
9. toy factory
10. pet shop

see ya later.
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