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No More Guess Work - Does Artificial Intelligence really help in denoising!

Yes, if you are seeking the future of rendering technology, then you may have heard of OptiX 5.0 from NVIDIA.*
See cebas blog post on AI rendering:

Excerpt: "In terms of AI rendering technology,*NVIDIA did much of the heavy lifting for developers and they delivered a remarkable tool for us to integrate and enhance on – *which we did. finalRender Subscription Drop1 (coming next) will incorporate this new AI-Denoiser technology fully integrated into finalRender. Early testing already shows promising speed gains by reducing the amount of render passes (samples) needed to get a clean image. Depending on the scene, we could see speedup factors ranging from 2 to 5 times or even 10 times faster in some situations!"


finalRender RnD test, 45 seconds.

For more information, write to

#finalRender, #denoise, #OptiX, #cebas, #rendering #hybrid_gpu_cpu_render, *#3dsmax, #ActiveShade, #MotionBlur, #FrameBuffer, #DepthOfField, #image_graininess, #photo_real,

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