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Animation and Rigging HELP!

Wow I see everyone is getting the answers theyve been looking for but I need some help one something if some one could PLEASE help me out, I see there are some very talented people here so heres my problem. I have a rig of a human, and everything is going well I have fixed my other problems and now I want to do one more thing. I have an HI chain going from the shoulder to the hand for the arm and that works fine except in some positions it tweaks out and moves in an unrealistic way, lets say I am moving the arm from the front of the body back behind (as if some one was walking and their arm motion goes front to back) the arm rotates as it passes the center of the body. I want to be able to keep the arm at the same rotation even when it passes the center or even better, be able to take the elbow once it is bent and move it so it rotates the arm acordingly either that or have a rotator on the shoulder bone so I can rotate the whole arm at any time, the problem with that is that the shoulder is connected to another bone so it wont allow the shoulder to rotate. The elbow way would be much easier for me but whatever way anyone knows would be helpful.
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