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Question gmax help-uvw uvw's

right fist off, Im told the uvw function in gmax is the same as max.

Ok I am quite the newbie and want to put a texture to an object. TRruoble is that when i do it, it covers the whole of the object.

What I want to be able to do is like open the object out into 3d and draw the texture in with photo shop. I am told this is how precise texturesa are made and applied.

The thing is when I try and get a 2d line image of my object (lets say its a box) the window that comes up when I press "EDIT" after applying an unwrap uvw modifier to the box just displays a square not an opened out version of the box like it should (or at least Im told)

So how can I do it.

If you need some referance stuff on this subject, just to get a bigger idea of what Im taking about go to
about three quarters of the way down you will see a face that has been "opened" and then the features textures applied.

I can get the 2d window up ut I can open the object (BOX) like it is on that page with the face.

Can anyone tell me how to do this.??????
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