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Ok well first off texturing is not a short task, and not the easiest one to learn but VERY important... There are many ways to texture but for now I will tell you the simplest way to texture an entire single object with a single image....
Ok first you want to get your object... lets just assume its general shape is a cylinder... I dont know exactly what your texturing but many things can be unwraped with a cylinder so lets go with that... What you want to do is select the object, select all the faces in sub object mode by pressing Ctrl+A or dragging the mouse over the entire thing (make sure ignore backfacing is NOT checked) Then apply the UVW Map modifier. There is a drop down list and select cylinder from the list. In the modifier window there will be the word "UVW Map" and a plus sign next to it, click the plus sign and then click "Gizmo" and then rotate it so it is in the general shape or direction of your object (just so its not really crooked or sideways) and also its best to rotate the gizmo so the green line is in the back of your object or at a un noticable part of your object... the reason for this is because this will be the seam of the texture and if its not applied perfectly you might notice it. After you have it all lined up make SURE to click the button that says "Fit" at the right under the UVW Map modifier... After this you apply a "UVW Unwrap Modifier" and click Edit like you did before, this time the object will be unwraped. You can take a screen shot and then apply the texture to the mesh in photoshop. Thats how you will paint onto the mesh. Also before you do your painting you can edit the vertecies and if some are too squeezed or distorted you can fix them. A good tool to use is the Relax tool when mapping, if there are a lot of verts close together then select them and in the options part of the UVW map editor apply the relax tool and it helps spread them out. Well once you have your mesh textured in photoshop save it and apply it to the diffuse slot in your material editor and there you have it, you will have a textured object. Hope that helped :-D
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