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Hello, Darkbasic pro is a good starting place for a noob. You can learn the theory and have a lot of functions that you would normally have to program yourself.
But if you want to impress the head honchos and land yourself a job with a games company, your going to have to learn C++ and use DirectX, OpenGL or make your own Graphics API (if you want to go the programming route).
Companies would rather see a candidate specialize on a topic (e.g. special effects, game play, physics, game tools etc), than see a cheap knockoff of other games.
OpenGL will score you more brownie points because it is cross platform unlike directX which is windows only (kinda useful now the xbox is doing better). Yes there are pros and cons for each one, so you can go research yourself and agree with me later.
A lot of companies now are using middleware packages like renderware which will allow you to program a game and then compile it for multiple platforms (PS2,XBOX,GC,PC,PSP) with minor adjustments here and there!
If you want to be a games programmer start with the basics and work your way up. As Hilm suggested start with 2D you'll learn everything you need to know about game logic, AI, Performance and so on and when you’re ready just add another dimension, it is that easy, and then you can worry about squeezing that extra polygon at a 120FPS.
Later guys
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