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Originally Posted by Ali.Kheradmand
i didn't read any of these things you right.i just want to know about GAME ENGINE and how can i export a model to a GAME ENGINE.

Very much dependant on the engines pipeline. Some use custom file formats, whilst others support primitive or standard formats - like .x or .3ds.


I haven't actually been here for a while, i've got a nice gallery of work going - heres some shots of my stuff.

[ Heres a cube, with a transparency shader ]

[ Shot from my tech demo for the graphics lib I use ]

[ This is a normal mapped "rancor", kindly donated by a friend of mine( mod: zb2, anim: maya ) ]

[ Foliage mapping function I wrote, uses grayscale maps ]

[ Couple shots from my tech demo "meadow", throwing the glowBall(tm) uses realtime physics sim courtesy of "Newton Dynamics" ]

[ This is a shot from meadow2, I was testing a glow hint shader, which had little effect other than killing my framerate ]

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