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Originally Posted by freesupra
Randize : thanks muchly, making fantasy characters is my favourite. im just trying all sorts of things now to learn more
Big Toe : thank you also, hrmm i see what you mean but ive been using a reference photo from and followed it pretty much to the t, i might try another model to see some room for variations

Edit: Update on female model

Hi there, very nice work. Im trying to make a female body too (Ill try to post screenshots later). I like the way you have the wire. Its so clear... How did you make the joints? Is there any good method how to make a good connection between arms and body (shoulders- in human language)?
Could you just take a look at my model to tell me what could be wrong? Id like to learn how to make a perfectly animationable model. Heres the model, its abe from Abes Exodus:

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