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Thats actually what i said, but still, i don't think this 20 years will be as succesfull then the past 20. And that will count also when predicting when games are photoreal. And if the first games get photoreal it will take another age to get all the games to photoreal. I mean some environments just need more polys to get photoreal. For example a jungle scene would take many more poly then a sci fie corridor to get photoreal.

Still i think the calculation of light, relection, refraction and gaustics will have the most impact on the engine.

Another thing just popped up in my head, you will have to deal with intersecting meshes too. If you want something photoreal the shoulder armor shouldn't be sticking half inside a wall. And when walking to a door holding a sniper you should not be able to see the rifles behind the door when it's still closed . So the game developers get to choose making the game more real or enhance gameplay.
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