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Bracercom V2 Mascot

Time to work on the new version of my portfolio site.

Very important to me as I'm looking for a job now, currently available as freelance artist for 3D graphics, architecture visualization & web design. I can be contacted at

What you are seeing here is the Bracercom Version 2 mascot that is going to play host to my site once it's completed.

A couple of sketches were done to rough out the look of my mascot.
The finalize version is the one that I had compiled into a single piece of schematic view.

I tend to finalize the look of my design in the "sketching" stage because once I get into the actual schematic drawing that I will use as a base template for my modeling, I will be more obsess with the different views lining up correctly than anything else
================================================== =================================

I sometimes feel that the whole purpose of character creation is to play with their hair as I love playing with it very much. I wish I'll get to work as a digital hair styler, however I'm more concern with getting a job in the very first place as I'm still looking for one.

A temporary Rig was enough for me to create this piece of work that I had in my mind for a while.

The story:
He is leaving his home to pursue his dreams and he is looking back at his family & friends waving back at him.
Though sad, he had to potray a strong look to comfort his crying mum.
Unfortunately, his eyes betrayed him.

I often engage in a staring contest with the computer during the hair test, the computer always wins. Ha Ha Ha
================================================== =================================

Forgive my craziness, but here goes:

The Story:
After clicking the “export to real life” button [a plug-in from], the mascot materializes in front of me.
In my joyfulness I say to the mascot: “Hi…”, still stun by what I’ve created breathing in front of me I continued: “I’m your creator, you can call me Bracer”.

He stared at me, then he blinked, expressionless, tilted his head, look around.
I asked him: “What do you want to do? Is there anything I can get you?”

He nods his head vigorously, conveying a sense of agency. Then start running around my house, finally stop inside the toilet.

Ha, my mascot wants to poop!
“Strange, I didn’t model any thing inside his stomach…must be some stray vertices” I though to myself.

He keeps on jumping on the seat, he have no ideal how to use it!
I don’t even think he realize he must take off his pants first!
Of course I proceed to help him.

What do you think comes out from his butt?
================================================== ========================

Ladies & Gentlemen, Bracercom Version 2 Is Completed.
Come Please, Enjoy

================================================== ========================
Shogun Pose !

================================================== ========================
When I create this humble mascot for my Bracercom V2 portfolio site, I have no idea that it will end up as front cover in the PHOTOSHOP MAGAZINE signifying my first international exposure in the printed media !

This is history for me, it makes me feel very...very honored and very humbled that the recognition finally starts to happen.

It really brings me back 6 years ago to the time where I'm just getting into this field with joy and love for the nature of 3D and all that it can bring forth from the imagination.

Somewhere along the line I give up on the need to get Approval from people though I still suffers from it every now and then.

Years passed...nothing happens...but I didn't stop doing 3D...

I can't stop it, I love it. It's my life. 3D is my life. I had no idea it had became my life. Living in a in my own passion...

and POPS ! What do you know, suddenly I'm front cover in an international magazine !

Maybe it is true, you just follow your heart.
The world will take care of itself.

Thanks to everyone that had ever supported me and believe in me.
Thank you all

Thank you Jesus

1024 by 768 wallpaper

Of course I have plans for him

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