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Originally Posted by washka View Post
I agree with Jibberwocky about the dress balance, and using semi-transparent skirt/dress seems a good way to restore it, but you can also put off some upper clothes, that's another way.
Largest shoulders than hip fit for a warrior style, but maybe for the goddess you could make larger hip and narrow shoulders, it will look like more feminine.
I like the chest dress style for the warrior but i wouldn't threat it like a piece of clothe but more like a plate with different pieces. It's just a concept comment, warriors usually like armors, but that's usually, sometimes usually is boring.

About the wip: you're really fast for 3D work, and really good result, amazing work.
I like the way you think lol.
hey man thanks a lot especially coming from such an amazing concept artist as yourself, concerning the shoulders I really just followed my reference of the model Klara Madekova it just looks weird when in t-pose but once I put into a pose i think it will settle down nicley if not than i'll just tweak it.
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