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AVATAR 3D Samachis Stefan God's Nostalgia

Here is the story and another update.

God's melancholy

The creator of men, can not fully experience what he has created... slowly his ways have been forgotten, his followers now worship worthless titles of grandeur and the false preciousness of the gold... he takes human form as his avatar, walking among his created he tries to understand what he cannot be, striving to keep his name from oblivion of being forgotten by history, trying to convince a skeptical world that gods do exist by serving his name as his own priest, he tries to bring his god out of barely surviving as a myth into reality. A reality where few temples are still dedicated to his glorious being, in favor of more convenient, more down to earth divinities...

After so many years of living as an ageless reincarnation, the priest forgets he is the god he so faithfully is serving, almost believing for himself that gods only live through the priests, slowly forgetting what he is, he still chooses to preach his own name to his creation living a half life, than to just exist outliving his own memory, he chooses to live by name than through own his nature...
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