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Are you checking in the "Tangent space" option in the normal map's options dialog(press the ... button on the Maps to generate->normal map)? If not, a world-space normal map will be generated.

Also sure your UVs aren't overlapping.... and don't (don't don't don't!) use the super-bugged old 3dsmax's max2obj exporter!

On the other hand... are you using cages or constant uniform ray distances?
Notice if you're using cages then they must cover COMPLETELY the highpoly model.

Try to render a "Wireframe and ray fails" with the "Discard backface hits on ray fail" option enabled to see if the rays are failing. I bet what's happening is that the rays are hitting the back faces on the highpoly model due to an incorrect ray distance setup.

And sure the NM's swizzle is set to the default one ( which is X+Y+Z+ ) ... because perhaps you changed it and that's what's messing it hehe!

About xn4, the alpha 1 will be released soon(end of June probably).

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