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Hello All
Great I am back Awesome entries people, but unfortunately I am late hoping Inshallah that I will complete my entry in 2 days

Stoneking: Great piece love your concept, and thank you too, I was also getting problems regarding posing but now your workflow clear a lot of things in my mind thanx!

Crazyfool: Man! You don’t get tired do you!, first awesome Dorothy on Ga Oz, now you are making a killer piece here too…. *Applaud * hope you finishes! Good Luck

Mastein : you really inspire me …….. digging the pose!

Belal Saeed : Great entry Belal, I love your work saw it on Zbrush. Loving the uniqueness in the model.

Grapix: Really enjoy your entry, looks like a General or the head of the clan of genius Abominable Snowman

MightyReg: Going great ! waiting for the pose and expression man super work


Seven: can only say WOW!!!, your workflow inspire me I watch the fur video like 3 time awesome love your concept man I wish I can draw like you But Alas! Anyway Super !! love every moment of it.

I know I miss many people sorry for that but I will cover everyone I left in the second update right now got to hurry, here is the first update did the base mesh in 1 hour 30 minutes. Also I am uploading a video of the work Ofcourse Its not like Seven workflow so be kind, the last recording got crashed so only uploading six video recording of Camtasia.(I combine the six videos and fast forward it)

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I will participate whether i win or not !!!!!!
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