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There are a lot of really great ideas already posted here. CG has good ideas for some objects. There have been a lot of environment ideas. It would be cool if we could do some more environments.

Daye also has a great point. Turn it all upside down, reinvent the wheel, as it were.

For example
description:The thing you use to point and click. (not the animal)
sug. time:15 minutes

Just bang somethings out. Pens, wine glasses, lamps, hammers, computer cases, etc., could all be made in an exceedingly short period of time.

Also you could just have a challenge open for a week. No minute limit on it. Make a haunted forest this week... WIPS could be posted along the way, and on the last night of that challenge final entries could be submitted. Probably no more than a week for something like that.

One thing I've noticed is that organics just get left out all together. I remember only one since I've been here, the "bust".

description: Ant, spider, dragonfly, whatever... Make a bug.
sug. time 120 minutes

Something like that is almost the perfect half between inorganic and organic.

Also we could do individual body parts. They needn't all be human. "Hand" for example could encompass many styles/degrees of realism as well as many species. Eyes, nose, mouth, there are many things we haven't touched on yet.

Just some thoughts.
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