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3D TOTAL Books - Digital Art Masters/Digital Painting Techniques?

Hey guys,

I need your experience. I really like the books of 3D total and have bought a random issue of digital art masters (number 5) and also own the first volume of digital painting techniques.
I really love digital painting itself as an art form (which I think painting techniques aims at?) but I'm also interested in 3D and conceptial work (this is rather digital art masters, right?) and like I said I really enjoy their books.

Now there are quite a lot volumes, seven (or more?) on Digital Art Masters and three on Digital Painting techniques. My question is:
Should I buy more of them if I already own an issue of each series? Do they differ so much that it is worth investing in every new book or is the core of it the same: different examples of artwork creation?
What I try to say is that even though it might be interesting to see how a certain piece is done, one gets the idea/concept behind working in general after reading a few good tutorials. So I wonder if new issues touch new fields and subjects that weren't covered before or if I "only" learn how specific artworks were done in each new issue while the core teachings stay the same.
Or are the creation of some artworks so different from the ones before that one really learns (a lot) new things within each issue?

I'd be really glad about replies and help since I'm considering buying more books. Also, would you like to tell me which issue is your favourite?


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