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DWIII - 3D - lampshadehead - fire/veg invoker?

Hi everyone! Everyone is doing awesome so far, off to a quick and powerful start.

I have 2 concepts that I'm thinking about and having a hard time deciding which might make a better model.

The first, just called bombman for now. He has the power to manipulate fire, but not to create it. He wears the 3dtotal artifact around his neck. Because he cannot create the fire, one power technique that he employees it to carry undetonated bombs or missles that are scavenged from the battlefield, then explode them by slamming them into the ground, and shaping the explosion towards the enemy.

The other concept is a large creature, probably 12 feet tall. It carries a large ax and the trunk of a massive tree. He uses the enchanted tree trunk artifact to give him his great strength and smash his enemies, deforming the landscape around him with each strike.

What do you think? Does one concept fit the contest better than the other? Any suggestions?
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