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Arius - I would agree with you to a certain extent. I've been keeping my eye on Blitz Basic for a while now and have dozens of games that I downloaded written in it. Many of them are of a high quality. Don't be fooled though, it is still a programming language (actually, a 'scripting' language may be more accurate)with classes and functions built in for handling game related needs.

As Lockdown pointed out, you are better off NOT creating your own 3d engine and should use someone else's. In a sense, using Blitz Basic is using someone else's 'game engine'. ..and just for the record, the vast majority of BlitzBasic games fall into the retro remakes category. I have yet to see one that blows the doors off of what is possible.

The only area I disagree with Lockdown's assessment would have to be in regards to the amount of time you would have to spend learning these things, but I knew where he (she?) was coming from. Back in the day, we didn't have the same resources that are available now. If we had those same resources back then, I'm sure Lockdown would probably shorten up the timeline.

One of the HUGE hurdles that needed to be overcome back then was that these things you take for granted now were EXTREMELY guarded secrets in the 80's and early 90's.

So, yes, you can create a 'decent' game in record time nowadays with someone else's game engine, but those tend to be all the same and have a cookie-cutter feel to them. You will be limited by what you can do based on the limitations of the engine you are using.

I believe Lockdown's post was referring to the 'wannabees' who pop in with no knowledge of programming saying that they want to write the createst game in the world. That's a bit niave and needed a reality check...
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