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Here is my entry,but i think i need to step it up though, there has been some really creative and impressive work for this challenge!

I actually modelled this on the first night of the comp and was hoping to fully texture it but as always never found the time!

Its an old rickety barn, i was going for the odd bits off wood and miss shaped planks to show the age and hopefully cast some interesting shadows inside.

p.s. dont worry cg life always comes first, its the way it is...
and yes i am V jellouse of your new mac!

edit - for some reason my .jpeg's completely change when i up load the, the off line ones are not at all blue / green like the ones posted and the images are much lighter!
Does anyone else have any issues? are you guys using jpegs too?

edit - 2 - Ok i've changed them to .gif and i think they are better now... hopefully!
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