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to buzzoo1

hey i'm gonna try to answer your questions best i can: your first question:[U] I have a question what are you using tonstart-off with? I started off modeling the general shape in max. it's a hi-rez model so there will be enough geometry to work with in zbrush. the geometry is spaced fairly evenly around the entire model. Then i grab the mesh and put a quick unwrap on it, which might be in maya's edit unwrap - mapping - flatten mapping. you don't need to unwrap it before it goes into zbrush but i do it because there are plug-ins for zbrush that require the mesh to be unwrap, and that setting (flatten mapping) will unwrap your char. in a matter of seconds but it should not be used when you are doing your final unwrap on your low-rez character. If i where you i would model your general character in maya, make sure the geometry is clean and your working with quads and then bring it into zbrush and work on it there. also be aware of not making the mesh in zbrush higher than --flat million polys. its better to split up the character and bring in pieces and export them out or burn the mesh in zbrush. with the uvmap for your final model--don't rush it. make sure its a good unwrap, well thought out, so that you can mirror what you need to and hide the seams at the same time. the unwrap is very important. especially for texturing. i'm assuming you already know how to unwrap in maya. i'm sorry if this doesn't answer your question. its a very difficult question because there is no right or wrong way of doing stuff, its just a matter of preference. if you have any other questions or if i haven't explained it well enough please send me another post and i'll try to answer your questions better.

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