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Thanks for keeping me in the loop guys. I'm currently retopologising the mesh. It's not hard but it is taking a bit of time because of the awkward angle of the right head. The story behind this guy is basically that his power has been sealed with a metal plate (which I haven't done yet but will have the 3dtotal symbol on it) so his power has forced him to manifest his head through his right arm making it his 'actual' head. Because the physiognomy (sp?) of the arm is different, his head does not look like it normally does.

Vin, the purpose of the tutorial was to show you that you could work backwards so instead of modelling then texturing, you would be texturing first then modelling to incorporate the texture and giving more confidence in the sculpting process because you have a visual guide of what to sculpt. It's not a new technique, just a reinvention because I've always seen it used in low polygon weapons and vehicles but never with characters. Even if you don't use the final texture, it gives you a good basis for one.

Anyway, I'll try to post up something new today or tomorrow.

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