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I'm preparing to end the work, what still lacks will be made up
Is it OK to give Text Image like this? My English is poor. Any suggestion?


Sager Paladin:

He is an orc Warlord from ancient times. By his mightness and braveness, he won dazelling achievements, and became a hero among orcs. But more and more honors and vantity made him frenzy, and he killed an accompanier accidentally in a war. Presbyter of the group frozen him using witchcraft, as punishment to the disastrous war. But now war is started again, Norms are outnumbered, they released Sager Paladin, and want this previous hero to return to the battlefield. Whether he could defeat the devil in his heart and revive his mightiness, and unbalance the scale of war between justice and evil? Let's wait and see...
Features of Sager Paladin: heavy armor, protected by witchcraft, strong attack ability, expert of heavy cold weapon


As regarding color, I'll practice sketches more in the future, I'll be better, and I'm trying to improve myself also, we can learn mutually ~hehe~
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